MOB Reseller

Railway experiences for your guests - fast, easy on the spot

Resellers of individual seats (up to 9 people) can book by logging in directly to the B2B shop. This enables a precise seat to be booked and also includes the possibility to book a catering offer.

How it works:

  • As a partner, you will receive a personal login and password for our reseller shop:

  • In the Reseller Shop you can benefit from our range of profit from our assortment. This include seat reservation, thematic train (Chocolate Train, Cheese Train). There is no discount on the catering.

  • You can easily print out and sell the tickets and sell them in your place. For this you need a PC with an Internet browser.

  • As a means of payment you deposit a credit card.

Access request to the MOB Reseller

If you would like to register to the system, please fill in the form below:

MOB Reseller Terms & Conditions